Who is it for?

Energy management for companies

The Energy Hub platform centralizes all energy data and makes it available throughout the company

  • Analyse energy data
  • Cut the time and effort needed for reporting
  • Optimize energy consumption and production
  • Discover new opportunities for cost saving

Use the Energy Hub platform to bring energy management to a new level within your company. Replace the ad-hoc initiatives, drastically reduce the time needed for internal and external reporting, easily involve all stakeholders at all levels of the organisation and free up resources for projects with major value added.

Energy management for business parks

Collaborating and sharing data through the Condugo Energy Hub platform unlocks synergies on many levels.

  • Energy management as a part of park management
  • Identify and map energy flows
  • Discover new synergies
  • Reduce CO2-emissions

Business parks offer unique opportunities for energy management, looking across the boundaries of individual companies. Many park managers recognize this and potential and aim to turn their site into a sustainable, CO2 - neutral one.

Condugo’s Energy Hub now provides the tool to support this, through objective follow-up of the energy data of the entire park and its residents.

  • Integrate energy management in park management. Energy becomes a facility service, to be managed centrally. The consumption data of all residents are fed into the Energy Hub platform and made available to each company individually. At the same time the park manager can consult global dashboards on the consumption(, costs) and CO2 -emissions. Whenever improvement measures are implemented - by one of the residents or by the park management - the impact shows up immediately on the dashboards. Changes in the occupancy of the park? All analyses, trends and comparisons are updated immediately, ensuring they remain comparable at all times.
  • Map energy flows between companies. Visualise and analyse all flows in the park
  • Discover new synergies based on objective data. Identify opportunities for collaboration between residents or for joint investments. Use the dashboards and simulators of the Energy Hub show to determine the expected impact of each action.
  • Reduce CO2-emissions and become an energy-neutral business park. Current CO2-emissions are monitored permanently in the global dashboard and are reported periodically. Track the impact on emissions of any measure implemented - either individually by residents or centrally by park management - and monitor its evolution over time.