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Energy Hub software

Energy Hub software

The Energy Hub is a powerful software suite for energy management and the first tool that can handle the complex energy flows of steel plants. Thanks to Condugo’s proprietary Metamodelling technology.

Optimize product and energy flows to the blast furnace, from purchase or generation to final consumption. Manage the impact on the company’s bottom line by using specialist dashboards, tailor-made reports and configurable alarms. Link energy and production flows to reveal the exact CO2-content of finished products.

The Energy Hub goes far beyond monitoring with advanced features like energy allocation, forecasting, scenario analysis or invoice verification.

It integrates with your existing software stack and is directly accessible through the web browser.


Metering data are the lifeblood of energy management. As a rule of thumb, 80% of all energy consumption in the company should be tracked with individual submeters: Smelter, blast furnaces, pumps, compressors,...

Submetering requires appropriate metering devices for each energy type (electricity, gas, steam, hot water,...); communication and data capturing; and finally processing and visualisation.

Condugo provides you with a submetering setup adapted to your requirements – either as a new installation or as the extension of an existing one. We are vendor-independent and deliberately choose proven solutions and open standards to avoid lock-ins.

Energy Flow Modelling

Energy Flow Modelling

Understanding energy starts with understanding the flows.

Individual energy meters are just counters. Their relationships give meaning to the values they measure. Supremely suited for large and complex sites, modelling provides insight no other analysis can deliver.

The model links energy lows to metering points, but also to the material/production flows. Optimize both concurrently

Use the model to very precisely allocate energy expenditure and determine specific energy consumption. Useful for early detection of production issues.

Flow modelling can be done directly in the Energy Hub software. Ask our modelling experts to support you in building the energy flow model for your company.

Energy Labelling

You are aware of the material content of your products. But what about the energy that went into making it? An energy label attests not only how much energy went into a particular product, but also what its source was and during which stage of the production process it was used.

Such transparency is a must. Your customers expect it. Regulation is turning it into a requirement It eliminates strategic risk from blind spots

A labelling campaign is a specialized, data-intensive exercise. . Gathering of (historical) energy and production data . Creating a comprehensive metamodel of installations and energy flows . Matching the production and energy data to the model . Allocation of energy consumption and reporting

The metamodelling technology enables energy labelling in the most complex environments. Get in touch to discuss the options for your company.

Energy Management Audit

Energy Management Audit

How far along is your plant in terms of energy management? Where are the blind spots and what are the risks? How much should you invest in it and what is the expected return? What are the actions that should be taken with priority?

The Energy Management Audit is the most comprehensive analysis of your organisation’s readiness. It covers four areas: energy consumers&flows; data&systems; costs&benefits; and compliance&reporting.

The audit provides you with a concrete action plan and a blueprint for the rollout or finetuning of an energy management system.