The Flemish government is holding its climate summit today to announce its plans for meeting and exceeding its international obligations on CO2 and emissions.

As part of the effort it is sharing the burden with companies and organisations that commit to reducing the energy fingerprint of their activities.

Condugo's MatchMaker platform supports communities of industrial companies in creating scale, collaborating and learning from each other on energy management. This allows them to permanently reduce costs, increase opportunities and cut back on emissions - even when the context (think energy costs, regulation) changes. The platform effectively puts medium-sized energy consumers on the same playing field as the largest consumers and opens up the same opportunities to them. The net result is a reduction of 10-20% in CO2-emissions. More than 2000 companies in Belgium alone qualify for the MatchMaker, making it not only an attractive economic proposition, but also a unique and powerful tool for climate and energy policy.

The commitment we have taken reflects the shared belief that the Energy Transition is real and that it represents a huge opportunity for companies that manage it well. The shift to a more sustainable and flexible energy system is nothing short of a revolution that is changing the aspect of the industry. The interventions during the Climate Summit underscored this and made clear that political and societal pressure to accelerate this transition is building. Sitting still and passively reacting to price swings, new legislation or concerns about security of supply, is a very costly strategy. Anticipating those changes, on the other hand, and actively managing one's own energy portfolio as one piece of the big energy puzzle, is yielding ever more benefits. Condugo wants to be there to support the huge group of companies that choose the latter option.

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