Innovative Energy projects Condugo is working on


Condugo is part of the DOEN project. The goal is to create energ brokers in several provinces in Belgium and the Netherlands. An energy broker identifies and supports projects on energy exchange. Both between industrial companies and between companies and the communities surrounding them. Over a three-year period the project will

  • Develop a toolkit for local governments and other energy brokers
  • Test it in 13 cases, located in the provinces of Antwerp, East Flanders, West Flanders, North Brabant and Zeeland.
  • Launch the first energy brokers as part of the (public) project partners
  • Motivate other organisations to launch Energy Brokers as well

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‘Smart City Roeselare – Energy Awareness and Monitoring’ focuses on the development and deployment of an modular data-driven platform that is connected to the energy meters of buildings (public, businesses) of a city. One the one hand it supports monitoring of climate policy by analysing the data, visualising it and providing feedback. On the other hand, it offers energy management for and collaboration between the member buildings and businesses. ‘Schiervelde’ will be used as a representative site, after which the platform will be expanded to the entire town of Roeselare.