Condugo has energy as its core business to make sure you don’t have to.

The value we provide is straightforward. Energy flows in industrial plants are complex, hard to understand and by no means optimized. Yet the rising cost of energy, climate change and government regulation force you to do just that. We therefore exist to help you understand, manage and optimize the impact of those flows on your bottom line – today and as your company goes through the energy transition.

Condugo was born from the vision of three veterans from the energy sector and has since grown to a team of highly dedicated professionals with long track records in energy management, data handling and ICT.

Our portfolio covers the tools and services needed to make energy transparent and manageable. Our flagship offering – the Energy Hub software – is the first integrated energy management platform designed to handle the full complexity of industry. It is backed up by audits and implementation support to take the hassle out of your hands and help you focus on your core business.