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Your challenge in a nutshell

Technical innovation

Process Engineer Petra

"I have limited visibility on energy flows across processes, which hinders understanding and potential for energy savings on a large scale"

Regulatory compliance

Energy Manager Marc

"Reporting (EBO, ETS, ISO50001,...) is often difficult, time-consuming and prone to errors"

Energy bills & Cost allocation

Financial Director Sarah

"Accurately calculating transfer prices remains a critical issue"

Corporate social responsibility

CEO Mike

"Sustainable product demands come from investors, customers and our own employees"

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Industrial parks

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Discovering your current energy status

  • Energy audit: USE LESS
  • Digitalisation audit: USE SMARTER
  • Profile audit: USE CHEAPER

Your guide to Industry 4.0

Energy Analytics

Creating a digital energy twin of your process

  • Daily monitoring & reporting
  • Advanced energy flow modelling

The Energy Hub

as our support tool

Energy Integration

Supporting your energy management

  • Energy becomes part of your core business
  • Strategic decision making based on real-time data

The Energy Hub

as your support tool

The value we provide

Process chain transparency

Technical innovation


Improvement in energy efficiency

Regulatory compliance


Lower cost of compliance

Energy bills & Cost allocation


Accurate cost allocation

Corporate social responsibility


Mature millennials decline jobs based on CSR

Everything about energy

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Taming the Tiger: the three data issues in energy management

All companies embarking on systematic energy management are discovering that it has one key resource: data. Accurate information on consumption, production and costs is the raw material.


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